The Classroom

What is the Environmental Classroom?

On March 24, 2023, during the 1st Garrofa Festival, we inaugurated the Environmental Classroom, the first space in the EcoNau to be equipped, thanks to the joint effort of the people who believed in the project from the beginning. 

An open multipurpose space of 80 m² with a capacity for 40 people seated with: a training room with a projector, a relaxation room, the toilet and storage, and a 35m² storage loft. 

Our classroom was born as a space for training and interchange of wisdom on ecological, biodynamic, regenerative and syntropic agriculture. We want to provide it with relevant pedagogical resources available to members. In and out of the classroom, we propose educational and leisure activities in nature, contributing to greater well-being and a balanced and sustainable relationship between people and the environment. We already have a rich program of courses and workshops for agroecological training, well-being and nature education. 

Choose the courses that interest you the most and register now! We will be happy to be part of your learning! 



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