The project

Econau, more than a simple space

EcoNau is a space, a project, a network, that values and accommodates all those with interests in the cultivation of carob and rain-fed fruits, nature, organic and regenerative agriculture, cooking with local products, ecological and high quality, ethical food processing, sustainability, ecology, and farm management. It is a heterogeneous project, a sustainable and ethical model of a socio-economic system with a vision of internal operation based on sustainability, sociocracy, transparency, corporate social responsibility and fair trade. It has the horizon of becoming a comprehensive service and consumer cooperative, a social initiative and a non-profit. 

The main objectives of the association are: 

- Participating in sustainable ecological agricultural production that favors soil fertility and biodiversity, mainly carobs, nuts, olive oil, forestry, fruit, orchards and derived foods, and at the same time dignifying farming. 

- Transforming the partners' agricultural production into products for the secondary and tertiary sectors by increasing their added value and contributing to increasing the profitability of their productions. 

- Distributing ecological and local products encouraging responsible consumption, while opening new markets for agroecological products and becoming a transformative reference in the social and solidarity economy, promoting self-management, food and energy sovereignty and promoting balanced gender relations. 

- Promoting the conservation of the environment, promoting biodiversity, promoting the study and dissemination of rural, cultural and natural heritage, promoting educational and leisure activities in nature and contributing to greater well-being and a balanced and sustainable relationship between people and the environment. 

In order to achieve the objectives, we are setting up an organic oily flour mill, a communitarian workroom for the production of derived products, the revitalization of an environmental classroom to promote agroecological training workshops, environmental education, educational activities and leisure in nature and caring for people. 

In 2022 Econau was selected to be part of a mentoring program - Ecological-HUB Tierras del Ebro - for 3 months. In addition, it was chosen as a 'Singular project' by the Social Economy program of the Department of Enterprise and Work of the Generalitat of Catalonia, with the endowment of income that would allow the hiring of personnel for its implementation.


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