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L'Econau Association membership fees

By becoming part of the Econau Association, you will be able to: 

  • participate in the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the territory with a non-profit Social and Solidarity Economy project  
  • collaborate in a transformative project that promotes sustainable ecological agricultural production that favors soil fertility and biodiversity, mainly carobs, nuts, olive oil, forestry, fruit, orchards and derived foods, and at the same time dignifying the peasantry 
  • give value to a product of a rainfed crop adapted to climate change, a nitrogen fixer, rich with a high content of natural sugars, proteins and minerals (calcium, silicon, iron and phosphorus) 
  • to dignify farming and contribute to the resilience and food sovereignty of the population and the territory, transforming the partners' agricultural production into products for the secondary and tertiary sectors, increasing their added value and contributing to increasing the profitability of their productions 
  • promote the conservation of the environment, favoring biodiversity, encouraging the study and dissemination of rural, cultural and natural heritage, promoting educational and leisure activities in nature and contributing to greater well-being and a balanced and sustainable relationship between people and the environment


3 quotas / 3 levels of involvement:

Quotes 2023


Advantages of being a member of the Econau Association


  • Discounts from 20% on trainings, leisure activities and forest school of the Econau Association 
  • Discounts from 5% on self-made carob flour, molasses made with chopped Econau carob, partner products 
  • Sale of your products through our online store, fairs and physical agrishop in Econau (under own conditions, as a company/individual self-employed person) 
  • Be part of the Econau consumer group with joint orders for raw materials for workshops, or other bulk products 
  • Cracked and roasted nuts (to be defined, from 2024)




  • Purchase of your carob (minimum 500kg/year) and share in the profits from the sale and appreciation of the entire product.
  • Purchase and sale of your products (for groups of between 3 and 5 producers)
  • One-off access to the shared workshop for vegetable processing (without meat or dairy, at €10/hour, maximum 20 hours/year, at established times, according to availability)
  • Possibility to rent Econau spaces for own activities
  • Space in the shared agenda of events to disseminate your activities on our website
  • Administrative management (group CCPAE, agricultural management tool, ...) with own conditions to be defined from 2024




  • Regular access to the shared workshop (at €5/hour, depending on availability, with health registration, storage space and energy/fuel included) 
  • Buying and selling your products (for groups of more than one producer)

Special conditions

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